About CarGlamping.com


Car Glamping is an oxymoron.

Sleeping in a car is in no way glamorous—but perhaps it could be?

Somewhere in between camping and van life is Car Glamping—that is, glamorous car camping for those who want to embrace multi-day outdoor adventures, using a car as a basecamp—but without skimping on comforts, conveniences, or even a few luxuries. (Yes, you can have your Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake in camp, and eat it too.)

CarGlamping.com is a blog and web series chronicling the car glamping escapades by me, travel writer/videographer/Instagrammer Erik Trinidad, whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Thrillist, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s Travel, Drive, and Your AAA magazine. Years ago, I turned a drunken idea into the acclaimed food website Fancy Fast Food (which went viral and led to several television appearances), and I was also the creator and host of the award-winning science travel web series, “Plausibly Ridiculous,” which has appeared on NationalGeographic.com and a couple of shows on the Discovery networks.

My latest project about glamorous car camping isn’t exactly intended for seasoned car campers, van lifers, RV enthusiasts, or car nerds. The words and videos on this website are meant to inspire and inform those who are, like me, new to world of mobile life. In fact, I’m so new, before acquiring my 2020 SUV mentioned on this site, I hadn’t owned a car for 17 years, getting by with public transportation, bicycles, car shares, and bumming rides off of friends. (Thanks, guys.)  However, I’ve also had the experience of living out of a knapsack for a year and a half, backpacking around the world, so I figured I could easily live out of a car, especially at shorter intervals.

For years, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of full-time van life, but figured that Car Glamping is a happy medium between having a brick-and-mortar home, and a mobile home, so that I can venture out to The Great Outdoors on a whim—and with as many comforts and conveniences that can fit in and on top of an ordinary car. 

CarGlamping.com aims to be a resource for automotive gear, outdoors sports gear, camping gear, gourmet camping cuisine, and road trip destinations. Check back here often for my latest stories and videos. In the meantime,  Happy Car Glamping!