Live that #LunoLife with Stillhouse whiskey!


Not quite a full-blown episode, here’s a sponsored video for Luno and Stillhouse.

California-based car camping gear company Luno invites you to live that #lunolife with their line of mattresses in different sizes to fit inside over 1,800 vehicles. Made of 300-denier fabric, they are waterproof and far more air-tight than some generic mattresses on the market.

* As a Luno ambassador, follow @carglamping on Instagram and DM me for a 10% discount! *

Stillhouse whiskey is “America’s Finest” corn whiskey, which goes down very smooth, without any harsh taste in the finish—even though it comes out of a trendy can that looks like it might be turpentine, or lighter fluid. Rest assured, it’s not—but it can definitely ignite… good times.

Luno mattresses
Stillhouse whiskey

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