Web Series Episode 4: Power UP!


Sure, we all want to embrace the Great Outdoors and get off the grid, and yet, a lot of us are still tethered to technology. Most of our electronic gadgets are powered by electricity, but fortunately we live in the future where power solutions have gotten more robust, reliable, sustainable, and above all, portable.

In the web episode above, I showcase the products I invested in to make Car Glamping a truly off-the-grid experience—even harnessing solar power for remote renewable energy—so that I’m still able to power my phone, laptop, refrigerator/freezer, blender/coffee bean grinder, and more.

The 1.21 Gigawatts t-shirt on Erik’s CafePress shop
Snap! The Power (official video)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (opening theme)
Kia Telluride official page
Anker Wireless QI Charger
Car2Play (wireless Apple AirPlay solution)
Jackery Explorer 1000
CNET Best Portable Power Stations of 2020
Trail & Summit’s Jackery Explorer 1000 review
Vancity Vanlife’s Jackery Explorer 1000 review
Cincred portable blender
ICECO’s GO20 car refrigerator
MeMass vibrator/massager
Renogy flexible 175-watt solar panel
Thule Pulse M cargo box
Beer provided by Hackensack Brewing Company
Stock footage
Erik Trinidad’s work

(NOTE: CarGlamping.com doesn’t actually endorse going to the Great Outdoors just to play video games on a projector screen. The ending of this video is merely a demonstration to show that, with portable electricity, you could—even though you probably should not.)

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