Car Glamping in Newsweek!


I’m pleased to announce that Car Glamping, in all its forms (as a concept, a title, a website, a web series, and a hashtag) is now featured on Newsweek!


Granted, it’s an article by yours truly, scribed after I was invited by Newsweek’s Travel & Lifestyle Editor to write about it. She determined the concept to be a good fit for the national publication, especially now that travel restrictions continue to inspire restless travelers to hit the road in their cars. Sleeping in a car is no longer an act of desperation, but rather a trend that is growing—perhaps even more so, now that I’ve given it a fancy name—and that it’s now in a major news outlet.

Enjoy the article and please start spreading the news! And don’t worry, a new web episode that has been waiting for this moment will be posted soon!

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