Web Series Episode 6: Livin’ in the Rain


My apologies for the lack of content in the past couple of months (although if you missed it, Car Glamping was mentioned in a TripSavvy article). I’m based in the northeast (USA) and while winter camping does exist in some capacity, for me it’s all about ski and snowboard season. Also, that whole pandemic complicated things, you know. BUT, Car Glamping season is back, and with this new springtime episode!

In the web episode above, I finally show off the CARSULE pop-up cabin that some of you have been asking me about. (It’s on the home page video.) It’s a nice little portable shelter from Singapore/Taiwan-based company Mogics, which extends out a living room/dining room/kitchen from the back of an SUV. It’s perfect for when you plan to go Car Glamping, but it ends up raining. This cubic tent will help keep you dry—with an additional tarp—until that moment that you just can’t be cooped up anymore, and need to get out in the rain and dance. 

Kittatiny River Beach Campground
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Fjällräven G-1000 trekking gear
Nomad Kitchen
Alps Mountaineering camp table
TravelChair Joey C-Series chairs
Nemo StarGaze Recliner luxury chair
VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector
Stock footage from StoryBlocks
Erik Trinidad’s work

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