Web Series Episode 5: Car Glamping Al Fresco


In my past camp cooking experiences, it’s always been an ordeal with too many utensils, coolers, ingredients, and kitchen campware scattered all around the campsite. But now with my Car Glamping setup, everything is consolidated and organized to minimize the clutter. Marie Kondo would be proud.

In the web episode above, I showcase the products I invested in to really convert the back of the Tommi Edison into a fully working compact mobile kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, blender, a two burner stove—even the kitchen sink! You may also be surprised to see that joining my co-star Elliana Spiegel is a third happy Car Glamper: Yours Truly.

The Catskill (Mountains) Park, NY
GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist II cooking set
Lodge cast iron grill/griddle
Nomad Kitchen Co.
TAIBID Picnic Set (camping silverware)
ALPS Mountaineering camp table
Hiasan waterproof/wrinkle resistant tablecloth
Tinya ultralight camping chairs
Coleman Triton+ propane stove
Coghlan’s collapsible water carrier
ICECO GO20 refrigerator/freezer
Sea-to-Summit collapsible X-Pot
GSI Outdoors Glacier coffee percolator
Jackery Explorer 1000
Cincred portable blender (can grind coffee beans and chop ice)
Zonegrace insulated wine tumbler/coffee mug
Life 2 Go portable cooking utensil kit
IYYI ME.FAM collapsible travel bowls
MSR Windpro portable canister stove
Coghlan’s camp stove toaster
GSI Outdoors Bugaboo frying pan
GSI Outdoors spice rack
Stock footage from StoryBlocks
Erik Trinidad’s work